Generate more revenues

Trigger interaction

Being engaged with your community allows you to raise awareness about your offers, quickly and easily! With our contest module, you deploy an opportunity to interract in few clicks and we manage the dsitribution, rewards stocks and data collection for you.

Generate Revenues

A good Local Marketing strategy means better profits. Send promotions instantly and trigger sales opportunities with targetted push notifications.

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Unleash your potential during peak periods

You may have a strong seasonnality, and we provide you with all the necessary tools to get the best out the peak periods : on-demand themes, help with communication and virality of our solution.

Interact with your customers

We created KOALAPP because we were bored by the existing solutions: an old kiosk in a store with a non-funny game, a random code to put on a webpage, etc. We focus on providing your customers an experience they will enjoy, and feel like they are what makes you the best company out there.