Being enthusiast !

KOALAPP was created we realize we were bored by the existing offer: playful experience from most stores are not pleasing experience and so much more could be done to genuinely entertain people. We want your communication and events to matter to people! We created dozens of games we them provided our customers with, while improve their local marketing strategy.

The solution is made for you, but the app is for your customer.

Our solution answers your need to engage with your customer and discover their needs. But your app will be designed for them, so they have a great experience with your brand : it will be entertaining, new and unique. We grew up playing video, and we learned quality matters the most: it will define how you will talk about it, how long you will use it and how good the experience is.

A sincere will to help you

Our success is best on yours ! To answer all your needs, we regularly add more features to our products, free-of-charge. You come to us for our services, not some lines of codes!

A Story of collaboration

Koalapp was created with businesses in the market, listening to them and answering their needs. While working with us, be assured we will make sure we will aknowledge your needs and do our best to answer them ! Do you know Koalapp success' secret? It's you !

À vous de jouer