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KOALAPP can publicly re-use anonymized results of its provided service at any time, without any of its customers’ consent. Any mention of a brand and its result by KOALAPP will only be done with a written approval.

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Any pricing information provided by the “Download Quote” button in koalapp.com/pricing is certified as valid and Koalapp commits to respect the price displayed. The commitment can be null if KOALAPP publicly states, within the prior 3 days or next 3 days a service malfunction in its pricing algorithm. Also, please note any quote is stored in our Database, and will be the reference to prevent any malicious action.

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Koalapp commits to respect other’s intellectual property. However, if you believe that your rights have been infringed, please contact us. KOALAPP customers may upload content to the website that will be used in the services provided. Any material can be re-used (without modifications) by KOALAPP with the mention of its original owner.

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By using the KOALAPP services, you (“CLIENT”) may collect and exploit Personal Data from your customers (“PLAYERS”). Therefore, according to the GDPR, you are responsible for the use and treatment of this data. However, KOALAPP ensures the collection process is compliant with the GDPR Requirements and will guide you with any questions you may have with the use of the collected data and the action you may take on them.
KOALAPP, as defined by the 28th Article in the GDPR as Processor, commits to respect all requirements expected from a Processor.
PLAYERS OPT-IN : Any information collected from your customer will have information regarding his consent on receiving communication from your Company, either in a general manner or a specific channel of communication, per your decision. The customer will be free to opt-in, opt-out at any time. The data collection process must follow the basic rules of the GDPR opt-in requirements (clear opt-in consent to a specific follow-up action).
PLAYERS SECURITY: KOALAPP commits to continuously increase its security to prevent malicious actions, either on the Hosted Database as well on the Player’s device.
All data is hosted in France in datacenters with a SOC 1 type II certification (SSAE 16 and ISAE 3402), a SOC 2 type II certification, and a PCI DSS Level 1 certification.
PLAYERS DATA PERSISTENCE : KOALAPP will store any contact information for 3 month, starting at last modification on the contact information. Any change, added information or removed information will reset this 3 months period.

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By visiting koalapp.com, you may share with us personal information (see our conditions of use for more information). We commit to respect your data following the GDPR Requirements.
OPT-IN : You are free opt-in and opt-out from the newsletter and commercial communication at any time. Please note any information regarding an ongoing contract will be transmitted, regardless of your consent. Any phone information provided allows Koalapp to contact you at least once, an opt-out can be verbally given to prevent any further phone call.
SECURITY: Your data is hosted in France in datacenters with a SOC 1 type II certification (SSAE 16 and ISAE 3402), a SOC 2 type II certification, and a PCI DSS Level 1 certification.
DATA PERSISTENCE : KOALAPP will store your information for 3 years, starting at last modification on the contact information. Any change, added information or removed information will reset this 3 years period.

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Do you sell or rent my game ?

We rent the game for the period of time you need, because the game is integrated with your client portal and won’t work without it. Renting the game also ensures we can supervise the technical aspect and modify anything while the campaign is Live. However, if you need a custom game, then both options are available, as you may not need a portal.

Are you RGPD compliant?

Yes, and you can read our RGPD Policy here. We value our privacy as much as we value your customer’s.

What customer information can you collect?

We can collect pretty much anything you may require, but do not forget that it must follow our RGPD policy. Please note that it is a bad habit to change the information you want to collect once the game is Live, as it will require a mandatory update on your customer’s device, which can reduce your conversion rate.

How long do you store the customer’s information?

We store data for 3 months. We invite you to regularly transfer this data to your own database.

Can we interface our system with yours ?

For now this is not a default built-in feature. However for long-time campaigns this is something we are very happy to discuss. Contact us for more information on this point.

What kind of rewards can you distribute ?

That is entirely up to you, we do 100% win-rate, score-based rewards, lottery, leaderboard-rewards. The threshold to unlock a reward is your decision.

Can people play the games without providing their information ?

You decide if you want a registration-gate at start. We however advise you to open the game to anybody and suggest registration on specific event (theoretical reward win, leaderboard entry, time spent on the app, etc.) to increase your chance to collect opted-in data.

What materials do I need to provide to get a game ?

The very least is a logo. The more we have the most we can make the game reflect your brand. If we lack materials we create based on what we see from your brand (websites, ads, etc.). Regarding the sound design of the game, we use a default sound design we made except for the song, which we adapt for each game (either a music you usually use, or one we suggest to fit with your game dynamic).

For the In-Game custom ads, do you provide them ?

This is the only material we do not create for you. However if you lack the resources to do it, we can of course discuss it.

Can I send as many notifications as I want ?

Each game comes with pre-made notifications to help the player keep playing the game. For these notifications we decide together what is the content before the game becomes public. In each package is provided at least one wave of notifications, for which the content is entirely up to you. The number of notification waves is tailored to your need.

Do you offer communications campaigns to get downloads ?

Yes, we can manage campaigns targeting game installs on your customer’s device. We use the following ad networks : Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Unity Ads. Please note we do not support Chinese communication campaigns.

How long can a game campaign last ?

You decide the length of your campaign. The price will be tailored to it. Please note the price is weekly-based.

For the Eco-Games, can I choose a different partner than the one(s) you selected ?

Yes, but we will require a proof that an agreement has been made between you and your partner.

I have multiple physical stores, can I have one game per store ?

We recommend having one central game which then is shared between all stores to increase the App Store visibility and reduce costs overall. We can then, within the game, attribute the player to a specific store.

Do you provide physical communication materials (roll-ups, banners, etc.) ?

This is not a default option, but we are happy to provide it !

How long does it take to have a game online ?

From the moment you have selected your features and sent the needed materials, it usually takes between 2 to 4 weeks to have a game ready. Please note that once the game is validated, it takes another week for your game to be published (because the App-Store need to approve the app). Fore very short-notice games, please contact us as soon as possible so we can find a solution.

Do you offer custom games ?

Absolutely ! Please contact us for more information.