Increase your average sale volume

Thanks to the notifications you can send flash promotions freely without limit. If you aready sens SMS, then the notifications will be a great opportunity to save money ! Moreover, you can offer players vouchers in few clics, perfect to distribute promotions easily and get rid of some products you no longer wanat in store !

Centralise your contests in one app, forever

Simplify access to your contests by centralizing them in one single app. With KOALAPP, you deploy contests faster, and considerably reduce the communication workload for each new contest by sending notifications to existing playerd. You players don't even need to register again, but they can update their detail info.

Unleash the power of social networks

Our referral and sharing features allow your players to invite their friends and family to join your contest. You will easily reach new customers, collect more data and entertain your community.

Collect relevant information, improve your Optin rate

Thanks to SmartForm, you no longer have to bother your customers with long forms: we ask them information over the time. The data is securely kept in our server and we commit on applying all GDPR regulations.